Listen to a select set of works composed by Legion Ivory. The works available change over time, so always check back for new content!

I. Commissions

Unafraid (excerpt) – from Alessandro Trincone SS2019 Men’s NYFW Show

OMG! Those Hills Looks Like Ice Cream! – from the puzzle-platformer Doodler

Crazy Houses – from the puzzle-platformer Doodler

Holding Out, Holding On – from In Ore Clauso

Fighting for A Sunrise – from In Ore Clauso

Floors 41-50 – from the puzzle dungeon crawler Talsaluq: Tower of Infinity

II. Solo Projects

The Hauntings of Winter (excerpt) – from The Hauntings of Winter

Polar Vortex (excerpt) – from Hourglass

Signals of the Mind (excerpt) – from The New World