Site Face-Lift!

I figured it was about time the site was updated. One must always continue to develop themselves to allow new experiences to come forward. I plan and hope to eventually have a site that is wondrous to behold. Who knows? That could come much sooner than later.

New Project Coming!

I can now happily say I have a new project coming, and yes, this project includes new music.

I have been working on a small game for nearly a year now, and I am just about complete with development. This game, Talsaluq: Tower of Infinity, is a puzzle-survivor game featuring unique challenges and dozens of exciting obstacles, and some pretty good music to support it all.

The game should see release within the coming months, hopefully sooner than later. I am so excited!

Talsaluq Logo 3.png

Site Updated!

Well, it is about as updated as updated can be at this present moment, but it is a fine update nonetheless.

I am darn proud to have achieved this much so far, and I intend to continue my expansion.

The next stage is updating my shots. My current ones aren’t exactly old (though I did have them taken back in 2014); I would just prefer better looking ones. Hopefully, I can convince my brother to shoot me. He’s a darn good photographer, by the way. If you’d like, feel free to check out his work.

My major plan for this here site is to decorate it with gold. Gold is a very important color of my heritage, you see, and I find it rather fitting to display that piece of my heritage on my site. Also, I love the color gold.

As always, thank you for listening!